tales of loneliness

I stand as a tree
watching the petals and leaves fall
as autumn comes and goes
bare and exposed to the cold of winter


dancing in the rain

the distant growl of thunder
still I wonder
perhaps in this midday dream
would you stay with me?
if we were to dance with the rain
the sound
that could be our applause


the sun beats down
blinding me
embracing me in its lies.
only as I lie to sleep,
the moon beckons me
calling out with gentle cries
whispering to my sleeping form
my mind wanders into the dream world
confusing what’s real and what’s not
I wake up
and greet the morning moon
asking for answers
she responds in silence

when it rains

gently and slowly
– why won’t my heart be still?
why is it only when the skies are crying
the shackles binding the beast that is you
break far enough
to cross my thoughts?
how could I allow myself to become so weak?