welcoming 2019

another sunset and another year goes by

a new beginning for us all

fireworks and flames and we burst in with fire

stars reflect in hopeful eyes

in we bring beauty and growth

we reminisce lessons learned,

and not to be forgotten

another dawn and another new day





it appears I’ve neglected this blog a little over the past few months. I got rather caught up with my studies, among other things. 2018 has been a year of growth for me. I have had the wonderful privilege of meeting many new people and experiencing and learning many new things. thank you to everyone who has contributed to that.


please look forward to what I have planned on this blog for 2019. wishing all readers a safe and happy new year, and a lovely 2019 ahead.


all my love,







I long for someone to write letters to

words going endlessly

drawing on and on about my days

the most beautiful poetry

for a pair of eyes only

a melody of letters and thoughts

I wish I had someone to write letters to

that seems like it would be really lovely


instead, I just write letters

never to be read

full of words

never could be said