I want to believe

that as I run my fingers through the air

I am brushing against millions of different worlds

and in at least one of them

is an existence


you and I

are together

and happy



I literally write all my sad-lonely-lover poems because I miss my best friends who live abroad 😛



there are so many
wide, wonderful worlds inside of me
longing to escape
but I live in fear of the ways
my words will return to me
pretty sounds don’t disguise grotesque feelings
quiet pain can still cut


we are no different from incessant flies,
or a tree in an unbroken summer.
drawn towards the light,
we grow towards the sun and moon
craving it on the darkest nights and rainiest days
and then we die
and our bodies return to the earth,
only to grow again

across the sky

I kiss the moon goodnight
and hope that it can send
even a fraction of my affections
across the oceans
to the place that you are.
the sun rises each morning,
and I wonder if it carries
the light and warmth you can give me,
for just another day to go on
– or am I just a fool?
staring at the sky
looking for something more
in the nothing in front of me
a fool who stares at the night sky
to alleviate the loneliness
of the night.


it’s so easy for me

to write about the tears spilling from my eyes

and feeling the physical tearing

of my heart ripping apart

because when I do

my mind me takes me back

to the exact moment it happened

I might not remember what exactly

what said or done

word for word

action for action

but I remember the feeling

and it’s just as fresh as it was the day it happened