i am a girl that spent a lifetime terrified terrified of speaking what was really on my mind and now here i am unafraid and proud i am a phoenix i am loud.   for helen. 


coffee shop

The fluorescent lights cast an artificial white radiance over the loud chatter of the coffee shop. The sound of lead of paper momentarily ceases as my brother asks me something. I respond, and he is back to his textbook, nodding. I can barely hear his pencil scratching the paper over the sound of conversation. Don’t… Continue reading coffee shop


Dawn. Sunrise. A caricature of golden light emerging on the horizon. A new beginning. I've been told that starting something is often the hardest part of actually doing it. Time and time again, I have found myself overwhelmed with ideas, but submerged with the terrifying prospect and question of where to begin. Writing, to me,… Continue reading dawn