the sun beats down
blinding me
embracing me in its lies.
only as I lie to sleep,
the moon beckons me
calling out with gentle cries
whispering to my sleeping form
my mind wanders into the dream world
confusing what’s real and what’s not
I wake up
and greet the morning moon
asking for answers
she responds in silence


when it rains

gently and slowly
– why won’t my heart be still?
why is it only when the skies are crying
the shackles binding the beast that is you
break far enough
to cross my thoughts?
how could I allow myself to become so weak?

what the stars mean to me

aspiration, to me

is looking up at the stars

and knowing we think of people as such

and wanting to be thought of as one too
happiness, to me

is the feeling of seeing a single shining star

in an ethereal void

the first you notice

before the rest of the world lights up
love, to me

is not counting all the stars in the sky

because you know however many is enough

and that sustains you
hope, to me

is waiting for the stars

on a dark and endless night

because you know they’re there

even if you can’t see them

at this moment


I want to believe

that as I run my fingers through the air

I am brushing against millions of different worlds

and in at least one of them

is an existence


you and I

are together

and happy



I literally write all my sad-lonely-lover poems because I miss my best friends who live abroad 😛