wanderings in loneliness

these days are strange.
I find myself wandering in and out,
of the long winding river
that we call life
of course, I am alive
and breathing
but some days just feel,
like I am going through the motions
there is a difference between being alive
and living.
I rarely feel like I am doing the latter.
‘it will pass’ I tell myself
‘it must pass’


pieces from a garden of words

the weather is always the same
we live in an endless summer
seeds are planted in the earth
watered and nurtured
and grow into flowers
trying to treat them all
exactly the same
of course, that is impossible
but trying nonetheless
and yet some never grow
some never blossom
some wither away too early
I plant a garden
expecting a garden to grow
only to be left with four flowers spread far apart
those four I loved and tended to
for a lifetime

golden boy

you are the sun,
enveloping the earth
in a beautiful radiating amalgam of colours
you’re made of honey,
so indescribably sweet
you are a firefly,
lighting up the skies
on a moonless night


how can a single body and mind
contain enough light and magic
to fill up an entire world?


I would like to dedicate this poem to my friend the one and only, Adam!! He runs a review page on instagram, please check it out if you have the chance!

Happy 18th Fruitcake ❤



moonlit madness

in my loneliness
I write you a letter
under the moonlight
for the night is the only time
I am weary and weak enough
to allow you to wander my mind
and I watch as the ink
distorts and becomes disfigured
by my tears
under the beams of the dark sun


variations in blue

 you were the ocean to me
something in my mind that was boundless
and filled with depth and substance
and things I didn’t understand
but wanted to
I could observe you from afar
but never venture too deep
because I knew I would drown
there was honestly a time in my life
where I thought
there would be no greater privilege
than to submerge myself
in the wonder that was you
to be lost at sea
and never return
the problem with that, you see
is that while you were the ocean
I was the sky
I think we were always meant to be like this
so similar and so different
two seemingly endless blue entities
both with our limits
facing each other for an eternity
and never touching



we are less than a blink,
barely a moment,
in the space of time and the universe
but some of the love felt
the kindness shared
and the empathy given
will transcend our mortal capabilities
and go on to light up the dark night skies


on emotion

I feel so many emotions towards you
that I can’t say anything
because the moment I do
the words that have left my mouth
will seem insincere
compared to the oceans in my mind
the skies in my chest
and the forests of my soul